30 thoughts on “26 HOUR CALL SHIFT with EMERGENCY CODE BLUE: Day in the Life of a Doctor

  1. I’m so surprised you’re allowed to film during your work shift? Did you get permission to vlog before hand?

  2. Soo interesting I’m in my third year of college and still can’t decide if if I should do a nurse practitioner program or go to medical school

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences in the hospital, Its actually making me feel excited to go to Medicine. ♡♡♡

  4. I don't think she should talk about the patients, but other then that it's cool info and stuff

  5. Just found your channel, you work in the same city I live in – I’m actually at the charlton campus quite a bit for systemic lupus flares – Keep up the great work!

  6. Me: Watches Greys Anatomys
    Me: Goes to YouTube clicks on the video. I posit knows everything she talking about

  7. Okay I dunno why but I feel like I’m watching a tv show which has really bad actors, like when you go up to people and they start talking it’s like they’ve already told you it and you’re like “please say that again and I’ll film you” kinda thing

  8. I'm only in year two of med school and already terrified of night shifts… How do you keep awake and still function during so long hours? I guess it's a matter of habit is it? Only once did a night shift during my student job at the clinic. Was of no use for a day afterwards… I'm very impressed by all the doctors who manage to still make good decisions during this hours.

  9. Just from hearing your voice throughout this video makes me feel like you would be a great person to help anervous/volitile patient calm down or start to relax ☺

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