2020 Camp Invention Program – Elevate

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] This summer
creativity will reach new heights. Join your friends for fun,
games, and hands on challenges at this year’s all new Camp
Invention program, Elevate. (upbeat music) In Flight Lab you will get
to control your own robot, launch rockets, build
a city, and fly planes through a rain storm.
(upbeat music) Send a rescue pod down the zip line, play recycling games, make parachutes, create a glowing garden,
and eliminate pollution in Rescue Squad.
(upbeat music) Build the ultimate sports complex, take on hover ball challenges, and trade playing cards
featuring the inventors behind your favorite sports in Champion. And in Design Thinking Project
you will learn to create and sell inventions as you
bring your most exciting ideas to life. Get ready to team up, take
flight, build new skills, and solve real world challenges. Become the world’s next
great innovator only at Camp Invention, where big ideas
become the next big thing. Learn more at invent.org.
(upbeat music)

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