2019 Best Free IPTV APK's – Mobdro TV – Free LIVE TV and More

hey guys mi treasure-hunter here today is Monday June 3rd 2019 and today I'm gonna be going over another free IPTV solution this one I have looked at in the past I didn't really like it but I've came back to it this is a modded version ad-free and it's not too bad so I'm gonna cover it it is madro and we're just gonna go ahead and get started you know I'm gonna be installing it on my fire TV box so I'm gonna be using downloader if you are on an Android just open up a browser and we'll be right back after I enter the ural okay you guys so at the time of the making of this video this is the current euro not also super imposing on the TV screen for you now if and when a new version of madro comes out I will update the link but I can't change it in the video so what I'll do is it'll be all the same length it's linked except I will change the number at the end and I'll put it in the description below so the next one that will come out will be ending in 8f – anyways so we're gonna go ahead and click and go takes you over to mediafire where I store all my files so we don't have to do the whole file link garbage hit download and while this is downloading please like share subscribe hit the notifications bell and if you so choose there is a donations to have down below because YouTube likes to d monetize these videos anyways we will go ahead and click on install like I said this is a modded version of madro it does not have any ads in it so it's done installed we'll go ahead and click on open now up atop you have channels which is pretty much which will go ahead and open up this is where I've kind of like to kind of hang out because this it starts out looks like in u.s. channels you got it you have full control with your little mouse click thing do scroll over to the right because it doesn't show all that's on the screen you'll miss a whole lot of channels if you don't scroll over to the right then you can scroll down and as you see it looks like you transition from what looks like it starts out kind of English and as you go further down the list you'll see that the channels start to change and you start getting into I believe like some UK and well there we got French and so there are other languages there's German Italian Spanish Portuguese some more English so that's kind of how the channels are kind of arranged I kind of wish they all would show up on one screen so you didn't have to scroll to the left and right and back before but anyways it's not bad I'm gonna hit the back button news pretty much it's a category where they pretty much it kind of just pulls the news channels out and puts them in their own category and then you got shows movies which is kind of like the movie apks because these are individual shows and movies and you have sports music gaming animals tech podcasts spiritual others what's under others it just kind of looks like almost like almost like webcams or something like that anyways there's not much as far as settings that you need to mess with I had left let's see I I left everything alone except I did go in I did change this I found that if you don't want to see the other languages you can click on the language of your choosing and then hit the back button and it will eliminate some of the different country stuff out that's totally up to you and because I can't show anything because it will all be copyright struck it there is no choosing a player at least not from an outside menu and I have found that the way that it starts up for me it'll buffer a little bit to kind of get some data and then it starts playing and then like a minute or two in they'll be like a momentary like just like a 1 second or something like that glitch we're just like pauses for a second almost like it's catching up again and then it seems to just run and I've had pretty good you know look and there are a lot of different channels in here not saying that they're all gonna work because with free IPTV it's not a hundred percent reliable none of them are so it's a good thing to kind of have if all you're doing is going completely free IPTV then having several different ones available because one might have channels that the other one doesn't and that is usually the case so anyways guys this is madro for a free IPTV solution I would suggest giving it a try it doesn't take but a couple minutes to install it try it out if you don't like it just uninstall it simple as that anyways guys take care please like share subscribe and I'll check out in the next video [Applause] you

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