45 thoughts on “2.3: Regular Expressions: Character Classes – Programming with Text

  1. I need a regular expression which doesn't allow more than a single dot, as like the dot operator in the calculator. Could you tell that?

  2. I think the phone number regex would allow (123.123-1234 or (123-123-1234

    How would you say "IFF theres a open parenthesis then there must be a parenthesis in after the third digit"?

  3. Hi Daniel thanks for this series of Regex,I learnT them in my college but I had tough time understanding them and I had no Idea how would I use them but now I find them so interesting and useful thanks a lot, and I think at 12:58 it would be wrong to add [w.]+ at the beginning because this would also accept emails beginning with one or more dots e.g [email protected]
    how about this regex [w]+(_|.|w)[w][email protected][w]+.(in|edu|com|org|ac|net)

  4. If you want to test your regex use https://regexr.com/
    It breaks up the entire expression and explains what each section does. Its very helpful especially when starting out

  5. I don't know if you know but you are hilarious in a very good way. I would love to be in the same office as you =)

  6. Great videos, just learning about regex and this is a very helpful video. At 8:26 why does [^abc]{3} not match the 'num', 'n ', 'reh' or 'lw' in the words numbers, can , reachable and always? If the regex is meant to match anything that is not 'abc'? Is it because they must not be abc in lengths of 3 characters?

  7. Amazing tutorial.. the way you explain the things… outstanding.. full of energy… thank you very much….

  8. I don't know why but I keep smiling at how you act, not to mention that rainbow thing in the background. So fabulous xD.

  9. thank you so much to teach me regex, i had had lot of questions, but now i'm enlightened but your explanations

  10. "Not" 0-5 doesn't make sense.. it's leaving dashes, dots, 6's and 7's in there. I'm not understanding how it's choosing a "not" abc either. please further clarify [w .] (escaped w in brackets means any number of characters?

  11. Daniel. Love the videos! I started reading Friedl's book, it is great. But, you cover the main topics in such an easy to understand and fun way. Thanks so much!

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