01 – Introduction to Java Programming (Part 1) (Hindi/Urdu)

Hello friends, my name is Rajat and you are watching Uncovering Technologies. Today we are going to talk about programming So if your are interested in programming and wants to learn programming then please watch this complete video series. And if you guys face any problem or you don’t understand any topic. Then please notify me in the comment section I will try to resolve your problem and post the answer in the next video So, lets get started. What is programming ? It is a simple method to write programs. And these programs run in our computer and performs task completely. Before starting the programming we have make an idea how to write programs more efficiently. To get the maximum output within the minimum time. There are many methods to perform programming, but we have to select the method which completes our task in the best way. As the technologies evolves and improve, the structure of programming methods also changes. So we have to update our knowledge base & try to learn and implement it. How to perform programming ? The answer is programming language. Programming language acts as a communicator between humans and computer (or Machine.) There are number of programming languages exists and they are categorized according to their uses, features, complexities they provide. What are their design architectures and many other factors which define those computer languages. Core concepts of maximum languages are similar, the differences appear in the way we write. In programming every programming language has a different way to write programs. An the line or statements you want to write is known as SYNTAX. So if we want to learn any programming language, then first we have to learn their syntaxes. Meaning how to write and structure the programming statements. Here I provided the programming languages generations and their examples. Obviously the 1st generation programming language which was Machine Level Programming Language was very tough to write but it was incredibly fast. As the generations evolved, the methods of programming becomes easier and better. For example in 2nd generation we have Assembly Language In 3rd generation we have FORTRAN, ALGOL, COBOL, C, C++, Java In 4th generation we have SQL, LabVIEW, R language In 5th generation we have Prolog, Mercury, OPS5 The latest one is 5th generation and it is mostly based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) language. In this we don’t have to perform any rigorous programming, the machine automatically detects our behavior and pattern and constructs the program statements and structure What are we going to learn in this course ? We are going to learn how to get started in the programming world, prerequisite knowledge before we start to learn. Different types of patterns of a programming language. How a programming language works ? You guys only need a Computer, an Internet Connection and an EDITOR. If you don’t know what is an editor then don’t worry, I am going to explain it in the future videos. If I explain in brief, an editor is a special software in which we are going to write programming statements. What I expect from you? If you are watching this tutorial series on YouTube, then you have sufficient knowledge to understand the programming language. Basic knowledge of computer and working knowledge of Internet and Internet browsing. There is no need for any previous experience or knowledge in programming paradigm. And working professionals can also use this course to revise their basics. As I told you guys earlier if you face any problems then please notify me by posting a comment in that particular video. And in the next or upcoming video, I will try to resolve your problems by providing answers to your queries. So thanks for watching and stay tuned. In future there are more videos related to programming topics. And please watch this whole video series for better learning. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Sir I have been going through the lessons for a while….its very easily explained in an amazing fashion….you have made this language is very easy as I am learning hindi language….sir plz upload more lessons….thanking in anticipation…..Lalit

  2. Sir…I am completely an unconventional to this field and of course new…I don't even belong to IT background….but this is my interest that makes me doing things at the age of 36 which I really wanted to do…Can I think of getting a job as a professional developer without having all such degrees n experience…..

  3. Could you please tell me your pc's detail(i.e ram,processor,graphic card,etc).Actually I am going to buy a new pc for android development.I need your advice.Please..Thank you for making this tutorial.

  4. Rajat Bahi Java jald as Jald Complete Kry meri last video chal rahi he oske bad man tot jye ga agr complete Course na hwa tu

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