01 Beginner’s Guide to Python – Setup

hey there welcome to the beginners
guide to Python in this short video series I’m going to be teaching you Python from scratch I’m going to assume no prior knowledge and assume that you know
how to use the basics of a computer but you have never written a line of Python
code in your life and I’m going to teach you the basics of it from start to
finish before we get started we need to set up our system so that we can run
Python on our computer now the way that you do this is you head over to python.org and you come down and you download the
version 3.6.3 or whichever version is out at the time of
the video and you just follow the instructions and download it onto your
system once it’s downloaded the next thing that you need is an editor, a text editor we’re going to be using atom editor which is just a plain text editor
that allows us to modify Python files on our system again just like you do with
Python you can just follow the instructions on the website to download
this application it’s available for Windows Mac or Linux so no matter which
operating system you’re using you should be able to install it once python and atom are installed let’s go ahead and test by opening up our command prompt if
you’re on Windows if you’re on a Mac you’re going to open up the terminal
window and just type Python. Hit enter and you can see that it loads up the Python
interactive console now don’t worry too much about this for now we just want to
verify that this outputs something similar to what you see here just so we
can confirm that python is correctly installed don’t worry if your version of
Python doesn’t match the version that you installed as sometimes systems come
with versions already installed by default we’ll get into more of that
later but for now just make sure that you have Python installed and that you
have the atom editor and then you’re good to go

3 thoughts on “01 Beginner’s Guide to Python – Setup

  1. Hi Mark. I have watched all 10 of your introductory videos this afternoon and I am very impressed. You have done an excellent job. I have 30 years experience as a software engineer and project manager but am lately semi retired, just doing a few projects to keep my hand in. I thought that it would be fun to learn Python and found your your videos. The presentation was very clear and the examples well chosen to illustrate the aspects of the language. Before my IT career I was a school teacher for four years so I think I am qualified to judge good teaching practice. This was very good teaching. Well done.

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