🏆 Como instalar y desinstalar software en Linux

Hello again Infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel, this time you I bring a very interesting video in which
let’s learn how to install programs in our Linux … interesting, right? We started … well first to be able to do this I’m going to have to
run a terminal here we have it … the first thing to keep in mind is the apt instruction that would be the file manager so that with sudo to have administration permissions we will put sudo apt sudo apt- sudo apt-get sudo apt-get install … this would be the default command but let’s assume that I want to install Xkill … as we are writing if we decided to press the Tabulator as you see it emits a sound … it means that it is not so that if I put it and I give enter asks me the administrator password or the account and how you see can not
locate the package well, there is a command that is apt apt-cache that allows us to use the modifier search and then put xkill when you press enter how you see tells us in what package is this application then we already know what the package is … X11-utils so now we’ll put sudo apt sudo apt-get sudo apt-get install sudo apt-get install x11- and when you put the (u) and give it a tabulator as you see it, write it to me completely so that now I give it to enter, as you see it starts to download the packages and this is the way in which on the one hand with apt-cache and the search modifier we can search applications or software that is inside the packages and then with apt-get install we can install the application or the package in question as you see I already have it so that we could for example … I’m going to open a window of text … let’s suppose that it gives me problems, it will not let me close it and now with a terminal we will see if we have Xkill pulse enter, tells me to click with the mouse, with the left button, with the button 1 about the application that I want to kill … pulse and if it works … now well in what way Is an application usually uninstalled? for example I do not want anymore Xkill or I do not want the package, well actually the package was X11-utils so that in the place of using sudo apt-get install we use remove and the name of the package, then press enter, ask us for confirmation to remove it … I’ll say yes does the uninstall, the process of the triggers of the menu and that’s it … if then I try to execute Xkill as we have done a moment ago is no longer installed this is the conventional way there is also another way that would come
here to the software open our manager by calling it in some form of
software and from here search in the category that interests us or directly with the
magnifying glass put a term, a name and as you see gives us a list of applications that for example in this case I want to install the FreeMind … as you see I have put mind … here I have it pulse on give me the install button, if it was installed I would give the uninstall button and other options in this case I’m going to give him to install … he asks for my password of the account … I put it on proceed to do the installation … this allows us to find software in a much more graphic way the initial method is the classic, as you see now we can start the application from here uninstall it or change the permissions or just knowing the name, use our search function to have access to FreeMind for example in agreement? how you see is not difficult As you can see it is very easy to install it graphically as well as to know the three basic operations to install, uninstall and above all to find an application within a package and that’s it … use it and leave your comment about it Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks, thank you for subscribing and for giving the campaign notifications … thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … see you in a new installment of your channel
from YouTube Infoductive … See you soon Infonaut …

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  1. hola de nuevo vvi tu video y me sale un error osea me sale esto y mas nada :
    0 actualizados, 0 nuevos se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 106 no actualizado
    que hago?

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