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Minecraft APP Download @ Minecraft.net

Minecraft.net: Minecraft is a combination of exploration, creativity, and survival. The players have to survive by themselves in a pixilated and blocky world where the monsters would come out at night. In the game, the players can build fantastical structure and buildings. And also collaborate with the other players when you play online. Over the years there have been many modifications in the Minecraft, but the core of the game remains the same. And the core of Minecraft is that the player would be in some world which gets generated in a half-random manner. In the world, the players can mine the place as blocks and use the blocks as materials. In the beginning, the players have to use their hands with which they can cut the trees and use the wood. check all the latest updates @ Minecraft.net

Download And Play Minecraft online @ Minecraft.net:

From the wood, the players can make sticks and planks, with which the players create the workbench. This workbench helps the players to craft the tools as well as many other things. The players start with the wooden tools and then work their way up to casting metal armor, weapons, and tools which will help the players to survive in the game and become the master of the world.


                           Minecraft Download

Different Modes of Minecraft Download:

Minecraft has two modes in the game, the survival, and the creative mode. After the sun sets down in the survival mode, dangerous monsters come out to attack. The players can fight the monsters, but the best option would be to take shelter until the sun comes out. The creative mode has no monsters in it, and it is free of threats such as hunger. Creative mode allows the players to build magnificent buildings and structures. The element of Minecraft similar to LEGO is the factor which has to lead to the massive popularity of Minecraft both among the kids and adults alike. Minecraft is one of the world’s best video games which are a great tool to express and spark the creativity of the players. The survival mode is also family friendly.

Get Online For More Info On Minecraft.net:

There are only a few instructions for playing the game which makes it unusual than other games. However, with the evolution of Minecraft, the online wiki has become more vibrant and detailed. The wiki has all the details on everything in the game and guides to play the deceivingly deep game. The game becomes quite easy and fun once you learn the basics of the mining, survival, and crafting. Minecraft is one of a kind game which provides you with such freedom.

The blocky style graphics of the game is the favorite feature of Minecraft. The landscapes of Minecraft are pretty dramatic, and the sunsets and sunrises in the Minecraft are just pleasing to look. Due to the blocky style of the game, the players can quickly identify the things to mine, which the players need to go further in the game. As for the sound effects of the game, it is simple yet effective. And the soundtrack of the game is gentle which plays during both night and daytime.

Download The Best Game for PC with Minecraft Download:

If you want to have this exciting and fun game with you, then all you have to do is follow all the steps. The process is quite straightforward and quick. You will have the game downloaded within few minutes.

Get registered in Mojang For Minecraft Download:

  • To download the game, you will have first to get an account in Mojang. For that first visit the website of Minecraft and click on the Register link at the top right corner. And you will get directed to the page for account setup. Use a valid email id and password.
  • You have to give your date of birth and name to register. This step is necessary as a measure against the fake account and the billing issues. all can be done directly @ Minecraft.net
  • It is advisable to use a security question for the situation if you ever lose the access to the account. And you should pick a question that would remind you the answers.
  • After that, you have to select the box which states that you are accepting all the terms and condition. And now just click on the register option. A confirmation page will appear with a message that you have to check your mail. Now you need the confirmation of the email address before accessing your account.

                                      Minecraft Download

Procedure For Buying the Minecraft game Online in Minecraft.net:

  • To get the game, you have to purchase Minecraft. You will get it from the website’s main page. Ensure that you are using your account.
  • Click on the “Buy Minecraft for this account” option. There is an option to buy it as a gift as well.
  • Select the payment method and give details on billing address. There is an option for PayPal and credit cards.
  • Once the payment completes, you will get a confirmation mail.


Downloading and installing The  Minecraft Download:

  • Go to the site and ensure that you are using your account. Below the Buy Now option a link for downloading Minecraft is available. Select the option to go to the download page.
  • Now you have to download the right installer for the operating system that you have.
  • Select the option to run the installer. And the launcher window of Minecraft will open after some time. You have to enter your password with username and login.
  • You just have to wait for the completion of installation. Make sure that you have the internet connection when you start the game for the first time.

And now with the completion of the download, you can enjoy the fantastic game. if u still have any doubts regarding Minecraft download do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts. thanks in advance. if you still have any doubts regarding Minecraft.net do comment below we will clarify all your doubts through comments. thank you


Minecraft Name Change: Minecraft Usernames

Minecraft Name Change: Minecraft is a very renowned and one of the most sought after video games ever. It is also the holder of the title of being the second best-selling video game of all times. Millions of people around the world cherish playing this game over and over again. Sometimes, due to various reasons, the players find the need to change their usernames. know how to change user name in minecraft from here.

Procedure to Change Minecraft Username:

Minecraft Name Changing is very easy. A very common question in the minds of Minecraft players is ‘How do I change my Minecraft username?’. The solution to this question is very simple. The players will have to follow a few steps and then their username gets altered easily. The first step to change the username is that the player will have to visit the Mojang website at account.mojang.com. Then, one has to enter the login credentials like email id and password for the account. Those who don’t have an existing Mojang account should select the option to register a new Mojang account, set up an account according to the steps provided. After logging in, one can find a list of all the Mojang games related to the account and from that list, one should find the username related to the Minecraft game and click ‘Change’ icon next to the profile name.

Username Change in Minecraft:

After this, the screen shall display the current username and a box below that to enter a new username. One should remember that the username can consist only 3 to 16 characters without any space in between and except for an underscore, no other special character can be used. The desired new username should be entered in the box along with the password in another box which asks for it and then the ‘Change name’ option should be chosen to save the new username. Before confirming the name change, the user can insert the new username in the ‘Check availability’ box so as to see if any other player has already taken that name.

Effects of Altering Username in Minecraft Name Change:

Once the username is changed, the Minecraft servers may take a few minutes or hours to process the request and make the necessary changes. For the new username to come into effect in the game, a player has to first completely log out of the game and then log in. People might fear that changing the username might erase all the data and progress made in the Minecraft game. But thanks to the UUID which does not make that happen. UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. Each Minecraft account has a unique and distinct you UUID which does not change at all and hence despite changing username, all the data pertaining to a player will remain unchanged and unaffected.

Once the username for Minecraft game is changed, a player cannot change it for the next 30 days. But if a player wishes to get back to the old name again, then after the completion of 30 days, within the next 7 days such change can be made because Minecraft servers save the old username for 37 days before releasing it to others.


Changing the username in Minecraft is indeed a very simple process. Players can enjoy the game without any hindrance, as all the game related data will stay intact despite a change in username. if you still have any doubts on Minecraft Name Change or on Minecraft Usernames do comment below we will clarify all your doubts through comments. thank you.